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your last social media

See friends status 🧒

seahart is a private social media with updates from people you care about - no brands, news and celebrities

Available on iOS and Android

seahart app


1. Filter Friends πŸ”“

Don't let strangers ruin your day
Seahart is kids-friendly

*Although user below 16 years is prohibited to register on Seahart, kids can use their parents phone number, which mean parents have full control over their kids account.

seahart app

2. Emblem 🎟

Update location and activities by yourself

seahart app

3. Mini Timeline 🧞

Timeline & Stories disappear after
12 hour. Fresh updates everyday!

seahart app

4. Auto Diary πŸ“

Record your life journey seamlessly

seahart app

5. PING πŸ“£β€ΌοΈ

Need quick reply? PING!! your friends

seahart app

6. Edit on the fly πŸ•Š

Typos when chatting? Click on it, delete, done

seahart app

7. Status 😊

Share what's on your mind

seahart app

8. Album πŸ“‡

Coming soon ...

seahart app

⛡️ About us

family gathering

We created Seahart because we saw a need for a safer place to share things online, especially for sharing small little things like eating ramen or drinking water.

Always feel up to date and grateful about your life because everything is worth sharing here, no internet bully and trolls. We want you to be a good Digital Wellbeing 🌻

Photo by Pablo MerchΓ‘n Montes.


Stephen Chow

Passionate in consumer facing businesses, why? It just feels right to be able to create something that billions of layman can use. Not just suit and tie groups.


Yoshua Andrean

Lead Android Engineer from Gojek. Now on his track striving for prosperity by engineering an app to help us create a private space for sharing life journey.


Daniel Wijono

Accenture iOS engineer. Now he is coding a program that will help billions to share things in more personal way. The app is almost release, stay tune.

All Right!

Media Kit

For press inquiries, contact us at: .App logos, screenshot, and other assets are available for download in our Media Kit.

Support πŸ‘’

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1. Why another social media?

Because there isn't any app that mention about problem we are going to solve.
Today social media is not good for our mental health, messenger is just what it is, and tons of productivity apps need to be integrated. Here come Seahart all those things into one seamless experience.

2. Why does it matter?

Because you need an app to contain all your trusted peoples (family, relative, and good friends) so you can feel safe within it. You need an app to record your life journey and share it privately to your trusted ones.